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Housing and Dining

  • Spring Break Dining 2018

    Details on when everything closes before break and reopens afterwards.

  • Buff OneCard Office Closure

    Know how to get help when the Buff OneCard office is closed for remodeling March 26-30.

  • Hall Council

    A great way to get involved right where you live!

  • Academic Success and Achievement Program (ASAP)

    Providing FREE tutoring to first-year students and Bear Creek residents!

  • Jobs With Housing & Dining Services

    Enjoy the convenience of working near home!

  • Meet Our Nutritionist

    Know your resources for maintaining health and wellness while studying at CU Boulder.

  • Spring Break

    What to know about spring break on campus.

  • EcoReps

    Be a part of a close-knit community of student leaders by joining the EcoReps program!

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