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Housing and Dining

  • Cable TV Going Away After Winter Break

    Download Stream2 to maintain access to your favorite shows!


    Winter Break Info and Dining Hours

    Everything you need to know about winter break, including dining hours and residence hall information.


    Important Fall Break Information

    Campus information you should know for Fall Break.

  • The Buff Bus

    The Buff Bus is an on-campus shuttle that allows students to travel between different areas of campus in a convenient and easy-to-use way, including to and from Williams Village.


    Interested in becoming an RA?

    Make a difference and become an RA for the 2020-21 school year!

  • Ralphie's Cooking Basics

    Do you want to be a better cook? Join us for Ralphie's Cooking Basics to learn how to cook new meals!

  • Meet Our Dietitian

    Meet our dietitian Lisa Whalen. Schedule a time with her to discuss your nutritional needs!

  • Computing Tips

    Maximize your computing and Wi-Fi experience while living on campus.


    Bear Creek Hiring

    Apply to be a Community Engagement Leader at Bear Creek!


    Enabling Wi-Fi Calling on Your Phone

    Step-by-step instructions for iPhones and Androids!

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