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Housing and Dining

  • Dining - Spring Closing

    Find out when your favorite dining venue is closing for the academic year.

  • Summer Storage

    All your summer storage needs, right on campus!

  • Summer With Us!

    On-campus accommodation is available for summer students!

  • Buff OneCard Office Closures

    The Buff OneCard Office will have modified hours April 23-25

  • Study Spaces

    Find your perfect spot for finals prep!

  • Move-Out 2018

    Make sure you know everything to do before move out!

  • Give & Go 2018

    The annual residence hall reusable goods drive starts Sunday, April 29!

  • Hall Council

    A great way to get involved right where you live!

  • Top 5 On-Campus Computing Tips

    Maximize your computing and Wi-Fi experience while living on campus

  • EcoReps

    Be a part of a close-knit community of student leaders by joining the EcoReps program!

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