Resident Hall Association
Would you like to find your niche at CU-Boulder? RHA supports, serves and provides leadership opportunities for students living in the residence halls.
The Academic Success and Achievement Program (ASAP) is highly dedicated to the academic success of our students. All students living in a residence hall or living in Bear Creek have access to ASAP.
Child Care
CU Children's Center provides high-quality programs for children of families that are affiliated with the university.
Request a Room Change
How and when you can request a room change either before or after move-in
Student Employment
Housing & Dining Services has hundreds of part-time jobs in a variety of service areas, allowing you the flexibility and convenience of working near home and classes!
Involvement Opportunities
How do I get involved on campus? Join a club or organization! There are groups for nearly every interest you can imagine.
Residence Hall Handbook
View the policies and procedures involved with living on campus.
Housing Contracts
View all residence hall, Graduate & Family Housing and Bear Creek Apartments housing contracts.
Mail & Packages - Residence Halls
The UPS Store partners with Housing & Dining Services to handle all of our student's mailing, shipping, printing and storage needs.
Withdrawing from CU
If you decide to withdraw from the university while living in the residence halls, make sure to complete all necessary processes and procedures.
Housing & Maintenance - Residence Halls
Keeping the residence halls clean and in good working order is a collaboration between the staff and student communities. Find out your roles and responsibilities are as a resident.
Moving Apartments
What Graduate & Family Housing residents need to know about requesting to transfer to a different apartment.
Housekeeping and Maintenance - Graduate & Family Housing
What residents need to know about housekeeping and maintenance while living in Graduate & Family Housing and how to request a work order.
Mail & Packages - Graduate & Family Housing
How to receive your mail while living in Graduate & Family Housing.
Laundry - Graduate & Family Housing
Locations and costs to use Graduate & Family Housing laundry facilities.
Heating & Cooling - Residence Halls
Find out some of the heating and cooling system details in your building.
Mail & Packages - Bear Creek
The UPS Store partners with Housing & Dining Services and Bear Creek Apartments to handle all of our resident's mailing, shipping and storage needs.
Maintenance - Bear Creek
Requesting a work order, routine maintenance schedules and other related details for Bear Creek residents.
Cycling is one of the easiest ways to get around campus and Boulder. Find out where to store it and how to register it.
Study Spaces
Find your favorite place to study!
Williams Village Services and Resources
Discover what services and resources are available to you as a resident at Williams Village.