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Academic Success and Achievement Program

The Academic Success and Achievement Program (ASAP) offers free peer tutoring support to any student living on campus or first-year commuting freshmen. ASAP provides tutoring support in small groups, which meet weekly throughout the semester to build and reinforce students’ confidence throughout the semester. Tutoring takes place on campus, typically in residential locations, such as residence hall community spaces and similar learning environments. ASAP coordinates tutoring for any course taught at CU. Dedicated, trained tutor-mentors, who are also CU students, facilitate their assigned tutoring groups based on matching their availability and subject matter expertise. 

Small Group Tutoring

Because learning is a social activity, ASAP promotes learning in small study groups that are led by trained tutor-mentors. The tutor-mentors help the group set goals, stay on track during each session, and better understand the course material. The study groups typically meet for two hours per week, providing students with academic support and a structured study environment over the course of the semester.

ASAP Orientation Requirement

Students who enroll in ASAP tutoring are required to complete a short online orientation through Canvas, a new online platform for the CU community. This orientation describes in greater detail what ASAP is and explains ASAP’s policies. ASAP office staff ensure that all students enrolling in an ASAP tutoring group have access to the ASAP orientation experience. Prior to attending the first tutoring session, this short online orientation MUST be completed.  

* Due to the ASAP tutoring scheduler displaying the course assistance and availability offered for all current ASAP tutor-mentors, students may not find their course or ideal tutoring group availability on the scheduler. In these circumstances, students should email asap@colorado.edu and include all relevant information. There is a waitlist for students requesting tutoring for courses not currently listed.  An ASAP office staff member will also reach out about potential scheduling options or other academic support resources available. 

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring is made available for subject areas where there is a need for focused, short-term support for one or several students. Drop-in tutoring can be arranged for students or groups of students by emailing asap@colorado.edu.


Fall 2017

Anand has been an awesome tutor. He is a very patient and approachable person and I always feel comfortable asking about things that I don't understand. He definitely knows the material in and out and is able to explain things multiple ways. He also makes great use of visual representations of the material which is very helpful. I would definitely recommend him to a friend!


My tutor was awesome! When we went over our practice exams he would already have notes and answers with explanations for the answers.


Vince's the best!! Amazing tutor and really smart guy. He helped immensely and made me feel more confident about the class material I was struggling with.


Yarrow is an amazing tutor. I come to the tutoring session with material that I don't understand and I leave there feeling 100 times more confident with the material and it helps me even more in class. Yarrow makes us teach each other and explain our opinions. I am so very grateful for Yarrow. He has made my entire experience in my math class better than it was before.