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Academic Success and Achievement Program

The Academic Success and Achievement Program (ASAP) offers free peer tutoring support to any student living on campus or first-year commuting freshmen. ASAP provides tutoring support in small groups, which meet regularly throughout the semester to build students’ comfort and reinforce confidence throughout the semester. Tutoring takes place on campus, typically in residential locations, such as residence hall community spaces and similar learning environments. ASAP accepts requests for any course taught at CU. Dedicated, trained tutor-mentors are assigned to fulfill requests when a match is made possible for both availability and subject matter expertise.

Small Group Tutoring

Because learning is a social activity, ASAP create small study groups that are led by trained tutor-mentors. The tutor-mentors help the group set goals, stay on track during each session and better understand the course material. The study groups typically meet for two hours per week, providing students with academic support and a structured study environment over the course of the semester.

* Due to hiring processes that must occasionally take place prior to matching students with tutoring groups, please keep in mind that students may be waitlisted after submitting a tutoring request. Students who are put on a waitlist are emailed within 48 hours after their request is submitted and are provided with short-term academic support resources. Students are typically only waitlisted for 2-3 weeks if a new tutor-mentor is being hired. If there are other extenuating circumstances or concerns, please contact

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring is made available for subject areas where there is a high need of focused, short-term support, such as before an exam period. Drop-in tutoring can also be arranged for specific courses or other needs and inquiries about drop-in tutoring can be sent to


Student comments from 2016-17 tutor evaluations:

Claire was really helpful, explains things differently if you don't get it the first time.

Mitch emailed me outside of tutoring to help me.

Arpan went out of his way to prepare a study guide for the upcoming exam.

James is very good at explaining difficult concepts on organic chemistry.

LOVE LOVE Maya, so helpful and love having her as a tutor.

Thanks you are great!